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When it comes to talent, business is a lot like sports: The teams with the best organizations and players win. As the global and local competition for talent rises, your organization must do more to attract and engage the talent it needs to succeed. The very best employees are the ones with the most options. Why should they choose your company? One of the most effective ways to accomplish this goal is to build a strong employer brand – a reputation and proven track record for being a great place to work, and give a global employer brand local relevance.

Employer Branding is the process of creating a distinctively great place to work and then promoting it to talent whose knowledge and skills are needed by the organization to meet its business goals and objectives. Employer branding involves less push and more pull – developing the kind of positive reputation that will help attract talented individuals when and where they are needed.

Are you looking to attract the very best talent and deliver an engaging candidate experience? Is your organization losing the talent contest?


how we can help



We will evaluate your existing employer brand to determine how well it’s currently received and whether it’s delivering the kind of talent your organization needs to succeed. We will look at the employment experience, external perception and how your organization stacks up as an employer against other organizations competing for the same talent.


Define your employer value proposition (EVP) – what your organization promises to candidates and delivers to employees, the key ingredients that will make your organization a distinctively great place to work. We will also help you build an effective EVP balancing global and local considerations and relevance.


Build your employer brand framework, the creative elements that collectively capture the look and feel you want to convey and the emotion you want to evoke. We will leverage the power of an existing corporate brand, make your employer brand stand out from the competition, craft effective recruitment advertising campaigns and help select the best software applications for your talent acquisition needs.


Generate engaging story-led content (employee profiles, facts & figures, professional photography and videography) through selected channels, including your organization’s career website, social channels, job boards, and college campuses and internships. We will help you step up from traditional recruitment advertising campaigns to content marketing that delivers a richer, more authentic view of your organization.


Formulate a recruitment marketing plan that identifies your target audience’s media preferences, achieves your recruitment objectives and fits your budget. We will work with you to create a winning career site, focusing on user experience, intuitive navigation, mobile optimization, tailoring content to target candidate groups, and writing effective job descriptions.


your Benefits and ROI


Direct sourcing:

Taking a more proactive approach to employer branding helps you to bring your recruitment marketing in-house, and reducing your dependency on search firms significantly reduces your cost-per-hire.

Better targeting:

Employer branding focuses on targeting the right talent with the right messages through right channels. This cuts costs in three ways: 1. Focuses your recruitment marketing investment where you know you’ll get the best return; 2. Reduces the number of applicants who fail to meet your general requirements, saving time and reducing processing costs; 3. Ensures you attract and hire the right candidates with a clear and realistic understanding of what they can expect.

Rationalizing your creative spend:

By focusing investment on a single creative framework with a shared selection of high-quality creative assets, rather than taking a more localized and ad hoc approach, you can save a significant amount of money.

Building brand awareness & equity:

Decades of brand research have demonstrated that consistent brand messaging builds greater awareness and a stronger, more impactful brand image over time than is accomplished by more fragmented approach. After you’ve established a positive brand reputation, subsequent marketing activities benefit significantly from the brand halo effect.

Enhancing your pull power:

In addition to more cost-efficient and effective push marketing, a clear employer brand image attracts (pulls) a much higher portion of unsolicited applications from target candidates. Likewise, a positive employer brand encourages a higher level of advocacy and referral activity.

Hiring good people for less:

Convincing mid-career candidates to leave one organization and join another typically requires a salary increase or conversion premium. CEB research indicates that the average conversion premium required to attract a midcareer candidate to an organization with a strong employer brand reputation was close to half that demanded from an organization considered to have a weak employer brand reputation.



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